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The People

TJ Swing
TJ SwingDesigner
TJ had the initial idea for the Hike It! game and handled most of the graphic arts, rules, mechanics, gameplay & prototyping in the early years.

TJ is a digital marketing & design specialist by day, and Hike It! will be his first published game (although he has 2 other titles currently under development that will launch after Hike It!)

Ron Halliday
Ron HallidayCo-Designer
Ron joined Hike It almost 2 years ago and helped elevate the quality of the board and components, as well as adding some next-level strategy and ideas to the game.

Ron has is a professional cartographer and has designed and published multiple game titles, including Seven Bridges, Carnavalesco, and Psych Machia.

Dina Ramse
Dina RamseMarketing
Dina joined team Hike It! late in 2021 to help fill the need for some help getting the word out.

She has successfully helped fund 13+ Kickstarter campaigns and raised over $1,000,000.00. Her knowledge of social media marketing, designs, and board games in general will be a huge help to raising awareness of our game.

Launching this October on Kickstarter

Hike It! will not be published straight to retail for purchase, but will rather be crowdfunded.  Crowdfunding is basically a way for a customer to “preorder” a product before it is made to help fund the expense of manufacturing upfront.  And since Kickstarter is the world’s largest and most trusted crowdfunding platform – we have chosen them for our launch vehicle.

Fall 2022 is when the Kickstarter campaign will launch and you will have about a 21-day window to preorder your copy.  The game is expected to be completed and delivered around spring of 2023.

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