Events are the unexpected things that may happen during your hike on any particular day.  Events can be in the form of challenges, or maybe be something positive that helps you out.  Every hiker will draw an EVENT card at the end of each turn, so always be prepared for any unforeseen events when on the trail.

Acquiring Skills Cards

Anytime you resolve a challenge (WEATHER or HIKE card), you get to choose a SKILL card from the Skill pool on the board.  The Skill pool consists of 3 face-up Skill cards that all players can draw from to build their Skill sets throughout the game.

Collecting Skills Cards

You may collect up to 6 skill cards at any time during your hike. You may continue to pick up new skill cards, but must discard any over 6 total.

Building Skill Sets

Once you have collected 3 Skill cards with matching GEAR icons, you may build a SKILL SET.   The 3 skill cards are discarded and you receive a SKILL SET TOKEN with a matching GEAR icon.

Using Skill Set Tokens

Skill Set tokens are worth points – twice as many points as scenic cards – at the end of the game!


A Skill Set token can be used in leu of GEAR cards to resolve challenges!  Once played though, the token would be discarded and points lost.

2 matching Skill Set tokens can make you a SKILL MASTER for that gear type.  Once used, those tokens would be discarded, but you are immune to ANY requirement of that particular gear type for the remainder of your hike.