Sites are the scenic and historic places you can visit during your hike and one of the primary ways to collect points along your trek.

Visiting Sites

SITES are the orange 40 icons located across the map – and they represent some of the most amazing and memorable spots in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Your goal is to visit as many of these as possible – but you must be the first there in order to gain points.

Types of Sites

There are 5 different types of Sites throughout the Park and these play a part in the game’s shared Objective cards. (….more on that later)

Collecting Site Cards

With over 40 different Site spots, your goal is to collect as many of the Site Cards during your hike.  Some examples of these cards are…

Site Waypoints

At the beginning of the game you are assigned 3 mandatory Site Waypoints – these are the spots that you MUST visit during your hike.  All the other Site spots you claim are just icing on the cake.

Site Objectives

During the game, all players will have an equal opportunity to accomplish the various Site Objectives.  By completing these first, you can claim that Objective card and capture extra points – but know that vying for these points, you may be altering your route and changing your strategy during your hike.  Some of these objectives could be to visit similar types of Site spots, a mixture of different types, a combination of certain elevation levels, or spots on certain trails.