Weather can change at a moment’s notice and you need to be prepared for it. Weather can affect your hike on every turn by either pushing you to properly pack the right gear, or risk losing energy levels by not being prepared.

Weather Types

There are 5 types of weather that you may encounter in the game during your hike of the Smoky Mountains.

Weather Forecast

The 3-day forecast offers you insight into what sort of weather is headed your way. Keep an eye on this as you may have to reroute your hike to resupply on gear or just seek safety at a camp.

Checking the Weather

At the beginning of every turn, you will roll the weather die to “check the weather” for that turn. If your die roll matches today’s weather forecast, that means the weather will affect you on that turn.

Countering the Weather

If you are hit by the weather, you have some options to resolve this challenge. You can use gear in your pack to counter it, use a skill set token to counter it, or if you have neither you can still use your energy points to get to a camp to acquire the needed gear.

Weather Updates

The weather can advance, or change, in two ways during the game.

Anytime a hiker ‘hits’ the weather when rolling the weather die at the beginning of their turn.

And/or if the HIKE card a player draws at the end of their turn tells them to change the weather.