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First Teaser Trailer of Hike It! Has Dropped.

There has been a lot of mystery around this game since it was announced, but now the first trailer has been published - a TEASER trailer to get you int he mood. The trailer was meant to give you a high-level 'feeling' of the new board game without a [...]

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Launching this October on Kickstarter

Hike It! will not be published straight to retail for purchase, but will rather be crowdfunded.  Crowdfunding is basically a way for a customer to “preorder” a product before it is made to help fund the expense of manufacturing upfront.  And since Kickstarter is the world’s largest and most trusted crowdfunding platform – we have chosen them for our launch vehicle.

Fall 2022 is when the Kickstarter campaign will launch and you will have about a 21-day window to preorder your copy.  The game is expected to be completed and delivered around spring of 2023.

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