Hike an Epic Adventure in the Smoky Mountains!

Experience the thrills & challenges of backpacking through the Smoky Mountains as you compete with other hikers to gain the most experiences.

Hike It! is a strategy board game that throws you into the backwoods with only your backpack and your wits.  Your choices and reactions will determine if you make it back to your trailhead in one piece. You choose your gear. You plan your route. You choose what skills to develop. You adapt to and overcome challenges along your trek.


  • Multiplayer (2-4 players)
  • Single player (1 player)
  • Team Co-Op (4 players)


  • 1 Player = 30-45 mins
  • 2 Players = 60 mins
  • 3 Players = 90 mins
  • 4 Players = 120 mins


  • Set Collection
  • Resource Management
  • Push Your Luck
  • Trading


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Plan & Adapt Your Hiking Route

Plan your route to not only complete your hike but to also collect additional experiences along the way. – but be prepared to adapt & reroute whenever problems arise. It’s up to you which direction you go and what trails you choose.

Overcome Challenges & Weather

Be prepared to overcome obstacles like injuries, dehydration, bad weather & wildlife encounters that will challenge you with proper gear or pure skill to overcome. Bears also present a problem, especially if they become aggressive.

Manage Gear, Water & Pack Weight

You decide what gear and how much of it to pack for your trip – as well as when to resupply at camps and water sources. Gear can be heavy, so you must balance pack weight with the need for speed and distance.

Build & Master Outdoor Skills

You gain skills by countering challenges and building enough similar skills creates Skill Sets that help supplement any gear deficiencies. You can also “Master” a skill category that allows you to build up an immunity to specific gear requirements.

Watch Your Pace & Time

Completing your hike too fast or too slow could prove to be a mistake. Be sure to spend enough time in the backwoods acquiring the experiences you need to win, but don’t lollygag or you may get lost or be overcome by the elements.

Maintain Your Health & Energy

Your Action Point level determines how much you can do in a day – such as hiking, collecting gear & water, or claiming scenic spots – and the amount of actions you have can increase or decrease based on your gameplay.

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We are relaunching HIKE IT! on Kickstarter in 2021.  Follow us, fan us, track us to stay updated on our progress and news.

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Game Components


The Smoky Mountain Hike It! game board is a massive 30″ x 20″ 6-panel board.  It is a 1/100,000 scale replication of the Smoky Mountains with actual trails, scenic spots, and landmarks that exist in the Park.  Most of the camps and water sources are very near to actual locations as well.

The board design was created by professional cartographer and designer, Ron Halliday.  His creation is a pure work of art.


The Pack Board is your Backpack Dashboard.  It contains spaces for your Gear & Water in your pack, as well as an Energy Track to adjust and monitor your Energy points.  The far left has spots for the Site Seeker Patch or a Skill Master card… and a cheat sheet with point values for easy reference during your hike.

How you pack your Pack Board will affect how you hike.  Pack heavy with a lot of gear and water (to be safe) and you will not move as fast.  Pack light will allow you to move faster and farther, but opens you up to problems when you encounter unforeseen challenges or bad weather.


40 Cards
2.5″ x 3.5″

Site cards represents scenic spots in the Smokies that you can ‘claim’ and collect points for visiting.  Each card not only shows the true beauty of that spot, but also offers the opportunity to build Site Sets based on the type of Site it is. (Mountain top, Waterfall, Bridge, etc)


100 Cards
2.5″ x 3.5″

Hike cards represent the unexpected, random things that could happen to you while you are out hiking for weeks.  Sometimes it is a challenge you must overcome, like a sprained ankle, getting lost, or exhaustion.  Other times it can be a reward like a extra energy, finding water, or “shooing” a bear.


50 Cards
2.5″ x 2.5″

Skill cards are another path to victory in your hike by building skills, skill sets, and skill mastery’s.  The skills can either be used for points to increase your chances of winning or in lieu of gear cards to overcome challenges to increase your chances of survival.


50 Cards
2.5″ x 2.5″

Weather can change at a moments notice and may change your hiking plans.  Sunny days occur more often and rarely force you to react, but rainy or stormy days – although occurring less often – have a higher chance of affecting your hike and forcing you to counter with the proper gear.


70 Cards
1.75″ x 1.75″

Gear and Water are what keep you alive and moving on your hike.  Stop by Camps or Water Sources to resupply when needed because if you are not properly packed and encounter challenges on your trek, you may be in some trouble.



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We are relaunching HIKE IT! on Kickstarter in 2021.  Follow us, fan us, track us to stay updated on our progress and news.

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