So many choices.  So much danger.

So worth it!

Launching on Kickstarter October 2022

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Game Specifications

Hike It! is a heavily themed, mid-weight, strategy-based tabletop board game that offers solo, competitive, and team options.  Every game is unique because YOU determine your route, you pack your own gear, and you decide how much you want to push your luck to brave the elements and mother nature.

Welcome to the Great Smoky Mountains!

You are about to embark on an epic backpacking trip in the beautiful Appalachian Mountain range. During your trek you will be visiting iconic scenic spots, managing your gear and water supply, and developing critical skills sets..  While in the backwoods, you will face challenges – such as injury, exhaustion, wildlife, and weather – that you will need to overcome to maintain your health.  Some days will be easier than others; it all depends on how well you plan, how easily you can adapt, and how much you want to push your luck.

Strategy & Gameplay

With multiple paths to victory, there are a lot of choices that need to be made during your backwoods trek.

Get Notified When the Game Launches

GEN CON 2022

Your Map of the Smokies

This 1:100,000 scale beautiful map of the Great Smoky Mountains is the actual game board.  Designed by a professional cartographer to maintain the actual trails, campsites, and scenic spots located inside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Dare we say,… that if you got lost in the Smokies and had this board, you would be able to find your way out.

Launching this October on Kickstarter

Hike It! will not be published straight to retail for purchase, but will rather be crowdfunded.  Crowdfunding is basically a way for a customer to “preorder” a product before it is made to help fund the expense of manufacturing upfront.  And since Kickstarter is the world’s largest and most trusted crowdfunding platform – we have chosen them for our launch vehicle.

Fall 2022 is when the Kickstarter campaign will launch and you will have about a 21-day window to preorder your copy.  The game is expected to be completed and delivered around spring of 2023.

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Your Backpack is Your Lifeline.

Be sure to pack smartly and manage your gear throughout your hike… or things may get rough.

Board Game Convention Schedule

TJ Swing, the creator of Hike It! will be attending at various conventions this season.  Reach out to us if you wish to meet up for a demo of the game.

Contact Us
Convention 2022 Date
Lexicon (Lexington, KY) Apr 1-2
Origins (Columbus, OH) Jun 8-12
Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN) Aug 4-7
CinCityCon (Cincinnati, OH) Oct 7-9

Are you ready to play?

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The Kickstarter campaign will last about 21 days, so be sure to get notified on day 1.  The Kickstarter version will be significantly better than any potential retail version, so don’t miss out.

Get Notified When the Game Launches

Overcome Weather to Gain Skills

The weather can be challenging in the backcountry, but being prepared will help you build essential skill sets over time.

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The Key is to Mitigate Chance

There will always be surprises and events that happen on the trail.  The goal is to mitigate as much of it as possible through smart planning and adaptation.