My name is TJ Swing, I live in Ohio, am an avid hiker and a board game enthusiast.  I went on my first hike/backpack trip back in 2014 ago in the Great Smoky Mountains, and was hooked ever since.  Over the past decade I have backpacked in 8 different states including Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Bottom line, I love hiking and think about it more than a person should.

The problem was when I wasn’t hiking, there wasn’t really a way to capture that feeling of being out in the wild, overcoming challenges, and getting that sense of accomplishment.  I tried a few of the other hiking or backpacking themed games out there, and as good of a game as they may be, they really didn’t capture the true essence of a multi-day hiking trip.  I’m talking about the grind, the grit, the fear, the excitement, the stress, and the shear joy of completing a challenging hike.

So 4 years ago I began playing around with the idea of making my own, and here we are.