Hike It! is different in 2 major ways.

One is that it is not a linear – or straight line – to complete your hike.  The beauty of Hike It! is that you can determine your own route or adventure.  The game is dynamic and forces you to think about the trails and what path would suite you best based on your resources and the challenges ahead of you.  You will never have the same experience twice when playing this game (as in a real hike).

The second is the realism. You really have to manage your gear, water supply, and health properly, just like on a real multi-day backpacking trip.  These decisions will determine what kind of trek you have.  The game lets you decide to play is safe and pack heavy to overcome anything in your path (but move slower), or you can pack lighter to move farther and faster (but may not have all the supplies required for certain events or challenges you face).

Bottom line: this game is as close ass it gets to a real backpacking trip as a board game can offer.  This isn’t a worker placement game where you magically whisk your tokens across the map, nor is it a card game where you are just playing a hand to win,… you are moving your hiker across the map, mile-by-mile, grinding it out, overcoming obstacles, planning for weather, resupplying gear and water, and watching out for dangerous wildlife.  This game isn’t a stroll in the park, it’s an adventure in the deep backwoods.