The game’s original idea, design and ruleset was mine (TJ Swing), but I have had the help of great talented people along the way to bring this game to where it is at today.  Ron Halliday joined the team back in 2020 and has made the biggest impact on the game experience.  Ron is a professional cartographer and a board game designer (Seven Bridges, Carnavalesco, Psych Machia, and more).  He helped completely redesign the playing board and turned it into a work of pure art, while also helping tighten up the game play and rules to help escalate the game’s strategy, balance and thematic realism.  Hike It! recently brought on Dina Ramse – a board game and Kickstarter marketing guru – to help with the final  6 months of the launch and the campaign.  Not to mention the dozens of friends and family that have supported us and even helped with some initial playtesting to get the game going.